The Low Voltage Future is Now…

Multi-room audio & video, home theater surround, indoor-outdoor sound, whole home security and automation have converged. Integrated systems controlled by one device or any device are the reality.

Builders need a go-to for scale project planning, project management, and installation.
Sound Solutions provides planning, supply, and integration into one reliable point of contact.

On this site, you’ll find an outline of what we can accomplish for you and your project, what others we’ve worked with have to say, and little of our history and our contact info.

Why do we say “Low Voltage?”

High Voltage” is the power from the pole to the breaker box, then to all the outlets in your building. “Low Voltage” is all the good stuff that makes your business work, or keeps your family safe and comfortable. From your security cameras to your internet, from your doorbell to your home theater, that’s where we install and repair electronic solutions for contractors, business and home owners.

…whats that mean for you?

Lighting, security, climate control, audio/video, communications and entertainment are fully integratabtle and controllable… from ONE device or multiple devices in multiple locations. That means easy control of your home or business from where ever you want.

– Dustin Samuelson, Owner